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Why Aesparel jeans last four times longer than other brands

Warum Aesparel Jeans 4-mal länger halten als Markenjeans

Our jeans are made for people on the move. Our demands on the material are correspondingly high: our denim has to be weatherproof, durable, and abrasion-resistant.

Only when the material meets these criteria can we develop jeans that offer all the benefits we love about our everyday clothing: perfect fit, aesthetic appearance, maximum freedom of movement and comfort.

What are athlete's dreamsmade of? Let's discuss.

Our jeans' secret

CORDURA® denim is the basis for your hard-working Aesparel jeans and is responsible for making them last four times longer than traditional 100% cotton denim jeans.

It's all in the mix: Cotton and INVISTA™ T420 Nylon 6.6 fiber combined with CORDURA® denim fabric offer the authentic look and feel of cotton denim, with added abrasion resistance and toughness.

CORDURA®️ is a registered textile trademark of INVISTA, a manufacturer of polymers, fabrics, and fibers that stand up to life's toughest demands.

Over the past five decades, CORDURA® fabrics have proven themselves in practice and earned a reputation for their durability. Manufacturers of both high-performance equipment and the military rely on this robust fabric.

What everyday clothing can learn from workwear

Workwear has long stood up to high demands in terms of durability, abrasion resistance, and overall comfort.

But it was only in the 20th century that new discoveries in chemistry made it possible to develop fabrics for the market that could be processed to be suitably strong.

It was the American chemist Wallace Hume Carothers who first succeeded in developing a purely synthetic fiber in 1935, from water, carbon, and air.

Nylon, which was initially used in the production of toothbrushes, was made from these polyamide fibers. Only a few years later, the first nylon stockings came onto the market, and they immediately sold like hot cakes. It made sense, because why should we expect a lower performance from our everyday clothing than from our work gear?

Manufacture and Use

CORDURA® is a fabric made from polyamide compounds typically known as  nylon. During production, cut polyamide fibers are spun and then woven.

Depending on the type of production, the resulting material has a texture and slight roughening that is pleasant to the touch.

There are now also flannel and wool-like fabrics made from CORDURA® fabric in combination with other materials. The manufacturing process guarantees the fabric's uniformity and freedom from defects.

Advantages of the material:

CORDURA® is more tear-resistant and robust than nylon

Abrasion resistant


Water repellent

Fast drying

These properties make CORDURA® the ideal material for outdoor products such as backpacks, bags, high-performance gear, extreme sports, and hunting and protective clothing.

The offering ranges from classic nylon fabrics to innovative, lightweight, extremely strong polyester fabrics and nylon fabrics, which are used in the military and aviation sectors, among others.

But the material has also proven itself in everyday life: in wind and weather-resistant clothing and in our jeans.

Tested to work

CORDURA® gives Aesparel jeans extra-high durability and thus a longer life. Inspired by work pants, they are ergonomically cut and guarantee a good fit and comfortable freedom of movement in every position.

This is how the material performs in the endurance test compared to jeans made from 100% cotton:

Test: Abrasion Resistance - CORDURA® denim vs 100% cotton denim. Results are based on the Martindale method BS EN ISO 12947-2:1999 using standard wool abrasion/12KPa weight. Test stopped at 250,000 scrub cycles. The fabric was laundered in accordance with the specification for industrial laundering ISO 15797:2002.

Test: Tensile Strength - CORDURA® Denim vs. 100% Cotton Denim Results based on Tensile Strength BS EN ISO 13934-1:1999 for warp and weft directions. The fabric was washed according to the specification for industrial washing ISO 15797:2002. Dream team: Aesparel and CORDURA® denim. Comfortable, tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, stretchy - these are our requirements for our jeans.

With CORDURA® Denim, we found the material that athletes' dreams are made of. At least four times more durable than cotton denim thanks to military-grade Nylon 6.6 fiber, our jeans are designed to give you the power to lift, even if you don't have your gym gear at hand.

Article written by Vanessa Barthels ( ,

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